Here at Edinburgh Blues Club we are constantly striving to bring the best of the blues to Edinburgh and over the past few months we have been working tirelessly to ensure we deliver.It’s not been easy or straightforward, but I think you’ll agree we’ve excelled ourselves with this latest release of shows.

Wednesday 24 May 2017: Eric Gales

Eric Gales released his first record aged 16 for Electra records to an amazing response from the media and music fans around the globe. Guitar World magazine’s Reader’s Poll named Eric as ‘Best New Talent’ in 1991.
Through the years it would not be unusual to look out in the audience and see artists like Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson, Keith Richards, B.B. King and Eric Clapton looking on with interest as Eric took his god given talent and worked a crowd into a frenzy.
Eric has developed a unique hybrid blues/rock sound that also draws upon influences as diverse as Albert King and Frank Gambale.
A unique amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other guitarists in his genre.
‘One of the best if not the best guitarists in the world today’ Joe Bonamassa: Read More and Ticket link

Saturday 2 September 2017: Lucky Peterson
Lucky Peterson played his first gig at age three. By the time he was five, he had already recorded his first single, produced by non-other than the legendary Willie Dixon. Before Lucky turned six, his career had been propelled into the national spotlight with television appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and What’s My Line?
As a child prodigy, Lucky was somewhat of a novelty act. Now he is a true blues veteran. Over the last three decades, Lucky has played to audiences all over the world, dazzling both fans and critics with his multi-instrumental talents (he plays keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and trumpet), his soulful vocal style and his youthful approach to the blues
Chicago’s Reader raved, ‘His musicianship is unassailable…a combination of sleek-handed dexterity and imagination…a happy marriage of blues authenticity and foot-pleasing danceability. This is a musician of unlimited enthusiasm and nearly unlimited potential having the time of his life and excelling at every stop along the way.’
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Thursday 28 November 2017: Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado
Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado: Talent, dedication and perseverance As this band enters its fourteenth year, they really seem to be on the verge to a success that will open some new doors, in new territories. And with all the hard work they put into this project, they surely deserve it. Back in 2014, Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado released ‘Too Many Roads’: the award-winning ninth album that saw the golden-voiced frontman and his seven-piece lineup showered with global acclaim. For the fans who had followed the Copenhagen band since their formation in 2003, it felt like a career-best release. But we were wrong. With Change My Game, Thorbjørn has raised the stakes once again. In a world where most bands are content to tread water, here’s an album that breaks new creative ground, explores fresh musical directions and delivers a bold batch of songs that are at once catchy and immediate, but rich with deeper meaning. Released in January 2017 on Ruf Records, Change My Game is not just an album title, but also the guiding ethos that has driven this band from the start. Since making their first impact with 2006’s From The Heart, Thorbjørn and his all-star lineup have dodged media pigeonholes and broken down the boundaries of genre, their confidence to experiment growing with every year spent together on the road. Now, on this 11th album, their musical leap is greater than ever before, with dynamic arrangements sent through the roof by the band’s musicianship and Thorbjørn’s electrifying vocal.
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