Dear Members,
This month marks the five year anniversary of the launch of the Edinburgh Blues Club. During that time we have hosted many memorable shows and welcomed an incredible array of talented musicians from around the world, and locally too. Thousands of people have attended those shows and our membership has grown steadily during that time.
At the heart of this has been our co-founder and Chairman, Duncan Beattie. Since the Club’s inauguration, Duncan has brought his enthusiasm, vision and bewildering knowledge of the Blues scene to drive the Club forward and to evolve it into a first class promoter. The Edinburgh Blues Club is now a highly desirable destination for many of the high quality Blues acts which the Club could only have dreamt of hosting just those five short years ago.
Duncan has always said that he launched the Club on a five year plan, and having committed to that pledge and led the Club to where we are today he has taken the decision to relinquish his official duties with the Club, step down from his position as Club Chairman and Director, and as he himself said, “enjoy being a fan again safe in the knowledge that the Edinburgh Blues Club is in good hands and well supported”.
The Club have duly held a meeting of the committee and have appointed Richard Tweeddale as our new Chairman.
The Club will continue to be led by the remaining incumbent committee members: Nick McCulloch, Finance Director, Evelyn Mathison, Raffle and Fundraising Director, Colin Campbell, Bookings Manager, Tam Williamson, Merchandise Manager and Paul Eunson, Events Director.
We cannot thank Duncan enough, as simply put the Club’s achievements wouldn’t have been reached without him. We would like to recognise and thank him for his leadership, drive and for his downright passion for Blues music and his determination to bring quality Blues acts to the city.
We hope that he does indeed enjoy being a fan again, and we look forward to seeing him as a fan at our future shows.
Richard, Nick, Evelyn, Tam, Colin and Paul
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